The Eco Femme project allows women to access washable, re-usable cloth pads that are environmentally friendly, hygienic and made by other rural women. The project also engages in education on menstrual myths and hygiene, while providing an eco friendly solution. Access the video here is an email service for farmers, carpenters, construction workers, labourers...people you don't imagine need email. Just as twenty years ago, we may not have imagined that they needed mobile phones. The founders of, Ram Shreyas believes that the first step across the digital divide is to get a digital identity. Merely thrusting a device into a person's hands will not do the job. Mygram aims to register Base of the Pyramid users for email across the counter at kirana stores, where they visit every day to recharge their mobile phones. MyGram recently won a grant at Innovation Challenge India and is now working with the Government of Karnataka to facilitate jobs for low income youth.

My interests

Financial Inclusion | Development Impact Bonds | Skills and Livelihoods

Chaani is the brainchild of Vidyuth Sreenivasan, who began his social enterprise Tasara Textiles and Design Studio in 2004. Chaani works with independent block printers across India, providing access to training, market access and sustainable livelihoods. Tasara Textiles and Design Studio is now beginning to document block printing techniques and offer workshops to sensitize people about the dying art form.

Chaani means 'cowdung' in the local language. Vidyuth explains the unusual name in the following way: "Cowdung lights kitchen fires in villages even today. By buying a Chaani product, you are contributing directly to homes and hearths in rural India"